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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Surreal Metaphor - Jade da Rocha

Surreal Metaphor

Unexpected, you walked in the scenario.
 At the moment our eyes met,
I knew I have found the one
I have been longing –
 the love of my life.

One never knew the meaning that
the unimaginable could bring on that evening...
Surprisingly, the ghost came out of the shadow
and we drove for endless hours.

Perhaps, without any constraints or fear,
 we shared so much about our lives.
It felt wonderful to listen about this mischievous boy
and gradually approach the wounds and scars life have left behind.

Then, I thought the air seemed so light.
 Surpriz'd the luminosity within ourselves enhanced the magic.
Wishing that moment never ended.

Then again, was only yesterday that we were together.
In a frame of time, the distance –
 unlike any other had drawn me closer to him.
And every time he parted as presented on screen –
tear dripped.
Eventually, we will be together, forever.

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