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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Give Love a Chance - By Jade da Rocha

As I was watching the movie "(500) Days of Summer" I realized a message was sent. Sometimes you are locked in a past relationship or a current relationship thinking you have found the love of your life and you let your guards down, open your heart to embrace this good feeling that in your gut feel so real. It is wonderful when both grow together and like the pieces of a puzzle falls into place.
Otherwise, if the other partner is getting elusive someone is going to get hurt. For some people they have found a way to quick mender the pain and others take a lifetime to let it go. It takes a lot of courage and strength to start all over and trust again. As long as you have your heart hidden behind that rock is the longest you will have to get that heart beating fast again. If you are not open to a new beginning you don't see around you and the others most of the times don't notice you neither.
The other significant could be anywhere. It is so many opportunities you have lost for not being available. Neither less to say you can have all the excuses of being tired of all the scenes out there and scared like a little puppy. You think that finding happiness and share your life with a loved one only happens to other people and all you need is a coincidence so, that ray of sun will shine again.
I strongly recommend you to make the first step and without leaving your security zone to go virtual using your sense of discretion and respect try to be honest with yourself and others.
Good luck!

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