"Luxury is my business “

Thursday, December 19, 2002



Unannounced our friendship…gone

Would not take much to save it


In a capitalist world

… everything is recyclable…

Why not make it work?


In a modern world…

Why fix if you can get it new…

Would not take much to do wonders


Just wanted to be your friend

A friend like no other

Your best friend!!!


-Jade da Rocha


Friday, February 8, 2002

True Friendship

In a glimpse, I will write again
about a true friendship;
based in trust, respect...
it has its tolerance,
its patient
it’s fulfilled with tenderness
Above all its forgiving,
In the darkest moments,
be the light that will guide you
to an awakening.
A true friend is ready to share,
its understanding
won’t let you be a hopeless soul.
Would be a shade
for the other become visible.
Then, I write again,
to you my true friend.

-Jade da Rocha