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Love Has no End II

Blue Rose

As the legend was told centuries ago(figurative
The one who find the blue rose
Will become the King; the loved one’s King.
A symbol of true love…
Eternal love.
Some would travel thru the desert
Unknown places…
Some would never return.
Thus the one who travel in a black Arabian horse
Opening all the secret doors,
Doomed by the most pure emotions…
The one who cross the sea of death.
The one who will flung in a dreamlike journey
The one who believe in magic
Will be the King of my heart.
It’s going to be the one to attain
 The beauty inside my soul.
It’s going to be the one/
 Who will bring an original blue rose.

The one who will be by my side forever!

-Jade da Rocha

Innocent Dreams

You are the only one
That can take me to the moon
The only one to make me dream...
...Innocent dreams.

You are the only one
That can take my breath away
The one that make my days/
 And nights so blue.

You are the only one
Who dare to cross the wind/
To be with me when we have
The distance between us
In our tribulations.
Reaching our undying love.

You are the only one to trespass
My soul and make me dream...
...Innocent dreams.
The one who reach my heart in a sweet
 special way.
 You are the only one for me!

-Jade da Rocha


I wake every morn and
miss you...
I run to catch the day and 
I see you on everything.

When it's bed time
I feel emptiness because
you are not there.

But, is beauty in life
even without you.
This cannot last forever.
One day; maybe soon,
life is going to take other roads.

And I believe someone is
going to be there waiting...
Someone ready for all
my heart has to offer...
Someone ready for love.
Someone ready for my love.

-Jade da Rocha


I see myself on the other side
Of the Equator line.
Far from the concrete world/
Far from the asphalt roads.

I see myself surrounded
By sumptuous mountains...
...mountains that hundred years ago
Was home for the Indians and Samaritans.

From the top of the mountain
I can see the ocean in Anchieta.

The symphony of the birds in tone
With owls, ducks...the hustler singing the
First sound of the morning.
The creamy; fresh and hot milk
From the cow...

The enchanted sound of the water breaking
On the rocks of the waterfall;
Right there from my window.

It's just another day here,
At the other side of the Equator.

And I look from my window and the
Horseman is preparing the horses
So we can go for a ride on the mountains...the forest.

Its morning and they are setting fire on the
White clay oven to cook a whole pig for the day.
It's a happy time...

The fog is leaving the mountains to reach the skies
Yes, it's just morning...

And I look from my window and I see the beauty of
What originally was God's creation.

A place that you are just a person
not a" persona".
A place were simplicity
Is your "big brake".
A place that you feel closer to the infinite.
A place that at night you stared at the skies and you
Could touch the pouring rain of stars.

Indeed, it's just another day here
On the other side of the Equator.

It's just another day in paradise.

-Jade da Rocha


Why you let me go...
You could have/
Asked me to stay.

You told me that
You care for me
More than anything.

You promise to
Take care of me
And I take care
Of you.

You told me that
Everything you were
Doing, was for me.

Now, I have lost
My best friend...

You could have/
Asked me to stay.
My heart is hurt.
Why you let me go...

-Jade da Rocha


In a glimpse, I find myself
At the North Shore seating on
The sand watching the waves braking
And the surfers enjoying all that
Hawaii has to offer.

And I am there...
My heart is celebrating the encounter
Of another heart.

Such a strong feeling that I could
Think that I was you.
In your eyes I could see myself.

It's another day to seal this love...
A promise that, this love will last forever.

The waves still breaking
In the North Shore
Our love is traveling
Around the world...

It's time for someone else
To be blessed with this feeling.
It's time to make a special place
For this love.

It's time to find love again...
It's time to let love find me again!

-Jade da Rocha

Letter to the King

It's times like this that I feel so at awe
How I met you and how fortunate I am
To be with someone
So wonderful, beautiful, and adorable such as you.

Each day I sit and daydream
About what you are doing
What feels when you go to bed without me…

What do you think about?
How often do you think of us?
It is so hard to be away from the one you care...
Just remembering all those wonderful moments together.

I could look into your eyes for hours
And pour out my love from my heart.
I could watch your smile
And listen to your laugh forever
Be that happiest girl.

Who thought that something so simple
 As a smile, a kiss
Would make me thought about you
In a profound and special way....

So simple of things
 Yet filled with so much compassion
I could fly away in your arms.

-Jade da Rocha


I wish upon star

That you were not so far

I wish that I could have been you

Hoping to hold you

Be there for you

I wish that you were here

To seal this love


-Jade da Rocha


My horse is waiting for me
As I walk nearby Veloz;
He notice my presence and
Started moving his head
 His brown, shine mane
Moving as if was dancing
With the wind...

I caress Veloz and he is
Ready to guide me
Thru the forest...

The others are calling...
Marching with the head up
So gentle;
Veloz and I could feel that
We are just one.

And sooner we will reach
The deepest forest.
No one would be able to
Reach us.

Veloz is the fast runner.
Perhaps, is just/
Another day in paradise.

-Jade da Rocha


Our passion was written on the stars
we could not be away
from each other arms.
Close your eyes
and come to my fantasy
fulfilled with dreams...
...lust desires.
Thy love makes me mad...
Makes me laugh
Makes me that happiest girl.
Our passion is burning my insights
into flames through my mind.
Close your eyes and
come into my fantasy...
Come ...embracing
this passion thru eternity!

Jade da Rocha

Paradise II

I have to leave paradise...
I have so much
To run for the day...

It rained the whole night;
Last night...
...the rainy water,
Mixed with clay;
Melted the road.

We cannot leave paradise today...
The world out there going to
Have to wait.

Perhaps, it's just
Another day in paradise.

-Jade da Rocha


And I look at the desk and
It's a petition waiting for me;
Perhaps a divorce.
How many poor decisions was made...
One side did not want to compromise

In a small frame of time,
So much hurt, deception.
To many voices, personal interests,
Everyone want a piece of the apple.

Someone's love was not strong enough
To cross the barriers; adjustments.
So much discrimination...

How such a strong love can be so weak
How can a love that is so rare to find
And most of people will do anything to have it,
Was discarded like that...

How can a dream so vivid
Was erased, set aside...
How can someone achieve the
Most important point in life
That is love and don't know
What to do with...

How can you live everyday life
Knowing that you let the
Love of your life go...

In time you will look back
And going to see how you let it
Happen for so little.

How could you let our ship sink!!!

-Jade da Rocha


I've dreamt about you for so long...
...pleasant dreams.
I had walked quite far
Just to catch the sunset with you.

Life has unexpected twists
And I found my lifelong passion
-uh, you had tantalized me.

I've dreamt about you for so long...
...unimaginable seduction.
I had walked quite far
Just to watch/
The collapsing stars with you.

And all this happened
In such a glamorous way

I've dreamt about you for so long...
...my beloved.
I had walked quite far
Just to feel your zeal.

It's always a happy ending!

-Jade da Rocha

Different Cloth

All that frenzy....gone
All admiration, affection.....asleep
Whispering indescribable efforts...

Whenever you feel
You achieve your freedom
Now, you can have it all.

So much Confusion...
...instead of simplifying
I know that, indeed
We are cut from different cloth


-Jade da Rocha

Once and Forever

Let me bring you into
The foundation of love
And carefully pass thru
My lovely garden/
Garden of my life.

Let me show you
While, we glancing at each other
My sincerity and devotion-
For this special moment
Unexplainable love...
...you are not only in my thoughts
You are part of my life.

And innocently I endure
And proclaim this love;
Once and forever
Nor for just one moment-
For eternity!

-Jade da Rocha

Dreaming Again

Like the water running
Washing away every stone on its way
I find myself dreaming again
Dreaming …of this infinity love.

Undying moments of ecstasy
Flowing through my veins
Boiling my heart with your warmth

Like the water running
I catch myself dreaming again
Dreaming of this platonic moment
To last through eternity

Unforgettable thoughts
Trespassing thru my soul

Like the water running
One day our love
Will rise again

I find myself dreaming again
A promise that this love
Will never end!

-Jade da Rocha


We cannot talk about love anymore
Our tender and loving vivid moments
Was judge without trust

We cannot share sacred feelings anymore
Our believes and faith was set aside
Other priorities taken place...

We cannot see each other anymore
It's no place for this passion in our heart
We cannot grown older anymore
It's no place for thy love in our lives.

We cannot celebrate our love
It's time for me to go
I would like to stay
It's time for me to go!

-Jade da Rocha


You are always in my thoughts

Our love travel thru different roads...

...Another day, other arms.

You are always in my dreams

We play like angels

We laugh at ourselves

I wake and you are there

Looking at me...

Always by my side

You are always part of my days

You are always there for the night

Time is going to pass by our lives

We are going to age

In other paths of life

We could have been traveling…

... Same road.

You are always in my heart!

-Jade da Rocha

New Day

Fascination settle in my dreams....
I open my eyes; stretch my arms,
Pray for a beautiful day, brush my teeth

Open the window and kiss the day,
A door open....
A miracle happened, everything is perfect....
Promises, compromising, hope, plans.

I am so happy....everything is going to be fine
I am dreaming again.
I shared my enthusiasm and happiness
With my family
The garden of my life
Is for everyone's eyes
To celebrate.
I smile...

The future is bright
God is saying; everything is going to be fine
I make promises
My energy is flowing, my eyes glancing.
My dreams, my future....
Is giving me a chance
I believe in myself...I pray for better days.

I take a shower, the water running
I feel am a woman...
A strong woman...
I feel wonderful.

The sun is bright, I open the window
And everything around seems alive.
I pray to God for a beautiful day.
My heart is beating ... happiness.

I open my heart, I believe in magic...
Love complies, my beliefs the same
My hopes greater
All I want is another day......
A new day!

-Jade da Rocha


I know these road
filled with heartfelt memories
covering my mind with peace...

I walk in a translucent /
realm of silent.

After the rain...
I can hear a symphony without pain
Though my heart is beating fast
the wind Caressing my thoughts
and it pacifies

Subtle, in a glance
I stare into the softness of life
To attain simplicity...
...moments of purity.

I know these road filled with serenity!

-Jade da Rocha

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