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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Magical Places

Then, one day…
She woke up and saw the world in a new perspective…
It seemed delighted. 
It was a long time since she felt secure;
Poverty, as part of a day to day endurance.
It’s easy to say, then go thru the mysterious/
ways, life audaciously presented thought fear.
A sensation that travel carefully depth into time.
And time has no merci…
She was perhaps, flourishing thru magical places.
Then, she knew how fine it was...
It cared no more eloquent apprehension.
In a perpetual solitude, she was eager to see her fate-
In a splendid fighting against the odds.
Aspiration of a better world;
Having attained closure.
How simple life is…
How heavenly, can be inherit from interpretations.
And learn and teach, that at the end, we are here
To spread love...
Mesmerized, she travels thru magical places!!!

-Jade da Rocha

Friday, September 13, 2013

Once and Forever

Once, some really pure thoughts
and feelings happen to be there
Waiting; asleep
Day dreaming; awake
Dreaming of your love
Once, my love.....
I wanted to feel your arms
wrapped around my body; your warmth
my skin in your skin
you and I contemplating the moonlight
Covered in a pouring rain of stars...
Like tears dropping from the sky
Thoughtful moments in my possession
to attain a calm realm
a bound between lovers
destined to meet
for eternity!


-Jade da Rocha

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vivi Rocha- Referência em Guarapari

Parabenizamos a empresária  Vivi Rocha por ser a melhor referência na área de corretagem em Guarapari e considerada uma das melhores profissionais no Espirito Santo há mais de 13 anos consolidada no mercado Imobiliario.  A Vivirochaimoveis.com coloca à disposição de seus clientes uma equipe que trabalha com entusiasmo e transparência. Vivi Rocha disponibiliza de um atendimento personalizado 24 horas por dia. Vivi Rocha trabalha com venda de imóveis residenciais, salas e escritórios comerciais para aluguel e venda, imóveis para aluguel de temporada, lançamentos de imóveis, terrenos, chácaras, sítios, fazendas entre outros.

Visite Vivi Rocha na:
Av: beira mar No 906 -Praia do Morro- Guarapari-ES
Telefone Fixo : +55 (27)33616777
Celular Vivo : +55 (27)9800-6777
Celular Vivo : +55 (27)8831-6778
Local Florida : 1-954-990-0070
Local Nova Iorque : 1-845-263-1818


*Devidamente registrada sob o CRECI número 6202-F

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Wish


I wish I had a chance to tell you
How I feel about you…
I wish you have allowed time
To make you see thru my eyes
And I see thru your eyes!
I wish the wind whisper
To you how much I love you!
I wish I could travel thru life
With you…
I wish you have trusted me...
I wish you were here!!!
Jade da Rocha

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