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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Magical Places

Then, one day…
She woke up and saw the world in a new perspective…
It seemed delighted. 
It was a long time since she felt secure;
Poverty, as part of a day to day endurance.
It’s easy to say, then go thru the mysterious/
ways, life audaciously presented thought fear.
A sensation that travel carefully depth into time.
And time has no merci…
She was perhaps, flourishing thru magical places.
Then, she knew how fine it was...
It cared no more eloquent apprehension.
In a perpetual solitude, she was eager to see her fate-
In a splendid fighting against the odds.
Aspiration of a better world;
Having attained closure.
How simple life is…
How heavenly, can be inherit from interpretations.
And learn and teach, that at the end, we are here
To spread love...
Mesmerized, she travels thru magical places!!!

-Jade da Rocha

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