"O amor não envergonha, não rejeita. O amor incita a crescer, inovar, criar.
O amor transforma, aflora sentimentos nobres".


terça-feira, 11 de novembro de 2003


For me who wonder in vain human shadows in far valleys adorned with early lilies
 Which makes me wish of eternity, divine; angels running free.
I felt the presence of angels, wild echoes flying, the world as they allies.
The echoes roll in a gate of a radiant aurora of beauty and solemn jubilee.
The angels began to sing glorious melodies for mystic and immortal hours
The wind, whisper in a perpetual peace to my ears. While the angels thus sing and cry
I flung over space with gold wings among sacred places as if was ours.
In my wised of supernatural forces I knew the angels had led my soul to the rich sky
All times and forces tended to that moment, so deep in love am I with thee
So much tenderness, trust, devotion. A marvelous place, eternal home.
And you learn that; for every door one key
For every kingdom a throne
And for good and ill for ever and forever...
For every birth an angel watching over you!

sábado, 11 de outubro de 2003

Some Day!

Under the same sky,

Different ways

Same moon and opposite pole

Same sun and other seasons

Same night with another heart

Someday, somersault

I may cross the stars

Just to feel your zeal

Involve you with my eyes

Be close to your lips

Embrace you in my arms

Caress your entire self

Be part of your dreams

One of these days...


-Jade da Rocha


quinta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2003


Spring touches the mix of greenish-orange leaves
Shining as if was polished
Sweet-fresh air…
A new season with a promise of bright;
 Lighted days
As if part of the day…lilies bloom
A real thought ceases the moment
Adopting a new road
The old roots deeper and deeper
So right abstract;
White dove flies
The azure skies


Stay for a while before the rain!


-Jade da Rocha

domingo, 29 de junho de 2003

White Fantasy


In my dream,
I found myself galloping
my white horse
with a silk mane.
It past midnight/
as I ride thru
the magic forest
as if we are flowing
against the wind
Faster and faster
flying without wings
In my fantasy;
as I gaze at the skies
Sweat running/
the smell of the leather
Perhaps, I feel so much enjoyment
I can feel the breeze
thru my pores
I can feel his bright eyes
running with ecstasy
And we go faster and faster

thru the night