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Friday, March 2, 2012

Angel's -Jade da Rocha

For me who wonder in vain human shadows in far valleys adorned with early lilies
Which makes me wish of eternity, divine; angels running free.

I felt the presence of angels, wild echoes flying, the world as they allies.

The echoes roll in a gate of a radiant aurora of beauty and solemn jubilee.

The angels began to sing glorious melodies for mystic and immortal hours

The wind, whisper in a perpetual peace to my ears. While the angels thus sing and cry

I flung over space with gold wings among sacred places as if was ours.

In my wised of supernatural forces I knew the angels had led my soul to the rich sky

All times and forces tended to that moment, so deep in love am I with thee

So much tenderness, trust, devotion. A marvelous place, eternal home.

And you learn that; for every door one key

For every kingdom a throne

And for good and ill for ever and forever...

For every birth an angel watching over you!