"Luxury is my business “

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Love Prevail

And every time you think of happiness
You will see me there…
Feeling all the love that emanate from my heart
In the soil around thru the blooming of colorful flowers
Emerging on the water; steering the skies/
The stars shining ; perfect moment.
Platonic passion marching around the city…
… the carriage of love!
Sipping a good wine –
Tasting the fruits;  sweet acid
Combination of our desires
Walking far as the North Shore
To the top of a volcano
Passing thru the soft rain…
…resulting in a tons of water/
 Falling from the top of a mountain…
Speeding against the wind as one
Miles and miles…
In a Egyptian style;
See the world of love and betrayal
The born and a deaf of a king
Every moment …. A celebration of love
Magic times…
Fulfilled dreams
When the nights gets colder,
A culmination in life frighten you
I will hold you tight
When a ray of sun touches your face
And a sunny day brings the most beautiful sunset-
You will see me there
Even from afar
Cannot erase love!

-Jade da Rocha

Saturday, June 11, 2011

No Matter -Jade da Rocha

No matter the content, but happiness & simplicity.
No matter the place, but the importance of dreams.
What matters is to be happy & love ...
the rest, the rest is rest ...