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Monday, January 10, 2011

Amazon Rainforest: Beyond Civilization By Jade da Rocha

I got inspired by the small forest designed to be part of a recycle facility that I see from the back window of my room at the Waterways in Deerfield Beach, Fl.  It surely created a space in my mind to travel to the deepest of The Amazon Tropical Rainforest in Brazil on the South of the Equator and explore the culture of a people oppressed by the consumption and power of a modern world.
According to Amazon Tribes on the article -Indigenous People of the Amazon Rainforest

“Presently, only about 500,000 Amazon Indians survive, which are distributed among an estimated 500 Amazon tribes, including about 75 uncontacted nude Amazon tribes living in voluntary isolation.  
This would be expected in that the Amazon Rainforest area itself is divided among nine different countries (Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, French Guiana, and Suriname)”.

The indigenous people live in thatched-roof huts made of palm leaves and the village structure in most of the tribes is built in circles and consequently sleeps in hammocks. They are usually barefoot and are naturally immune to most of diseases known by man kind. Even thou in every village have a Doctor “medicine man”, the treatment is spiritual and enhanced with natural herbs.

Most tribes, hunt for the wet and dry season, as the hunt last usually for a week and the women gathers. It is always a big celebration when the hunt season is over. As a ritual the women paint the bodies with a mixture of urucum(annatto) and oil of pequi, adorning the body with beaded accessories. The chief or “cacique” wears a headdress made with feather from the most beautiful birds from the rainforest. The children are running freely and playing with pristine water immersed in a river nearby.
The rituals are performed invoking the spirits, and they eat, drink and dance the rest of the night. The sun arises on the firmament pointing to a new season, a new beginning.

It is estimated today by satellites that the Amazon rainforest has been destroyed by 50%. The Amazon rainforest is the biggest concentration of carbon in the planet. The deforestation is causing an unbalancing on our clime.  SOS Mata Atlantica is a cry of awareness to the Future Forests Program. If each of us devotes a little of our time, we can do great things...

"CLIMATIC ACTION-Perhaps there is still time to cheat time and gain some TiMe for us to extend our TIME in the galaxy!" -Jade da Rocha


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