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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eternal Passion

Suddenly, he invited her to the
 Palaces garden…

Like magic,

Even the breeze in the desert

Paralyzed to give passage

To the instinct of love…


He pointed to the skies,

 And with his melodic voice, declares…

Nor all the stars of the universe

Could reflect

The glimpse in your eyes…


Then, he pointed to the desert,

 Awakening the heavens, and proclaim…

Nor all the sand from the desert

 Could survive without an oasis

At the wilderness

My oasis is within you my dear


Amused, she turns herself toward him

 They felt so close …

Evolving in profound intimacy,

She touches his face

As if she could reach his soul

And enchanted respond…

Nor the stars…

Nor the desert…

Nor all the gold in the world

Could reigned thy love.


And thus their have something so precious

 They shall paint

Thy love somewhat fearless

Eternal passion!

-Jade da Rocha

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