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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Circle of Life by Jade da Rocha

  When I started doing this circle, I have different people and roles that they played in my life.
And all in a suddenly the circle changed. Since I changed job and most of the people that I used to interact in a daily basis was not there anymore and as I learned throughout the years, just few ones stayed around, at least the good ones.
  On my new circle, I am happy to say that they played important roles in my life and influenced me in every way possible. Some are leaders, some information providers, social emotional, central negative and also tension re leasers.

  During the experiment of doing the circles, I learned that you collect the data, it's there and you know it but, if you do not have a system to practice, it can take a longer road until you realize how simple that could be. Although it is not about putting a labor on someone but know exactly what kind roles they play in your life and how this is adding to your being.
The combination of roles, leadership, trust level, listening skills really can tell a lot about the people that are around you.  
  Trust is one of the most important link to any kind of interaction or relationship. Without trust, is almost impossible to build a strong base on your circle of friends, family, business and on top of that give credit to your intuition. On my circle I have closest to me the ones I strongly trust, and as the circle goes around the ones I have some trust or none. The ones I have no trust is on a freezing stage right now. When things change for better they are welcome to have a closer place on my circle. Longer it takes, biggest the distance.

  The balance to have visionary and also rational people on my circle, is a plus because I am a visionary and I live years ahead of time. So, a rational side is like a waking to reality and help me to keep my side of reality. Escalating to the ones that listen close to my conversations, ideas, problems; create a bond of trust. On the other hand, the ones that are bored, don't care or just selfish; just going to put them on the other side of the fence. 
  I used to have so many people around just using the moment and it took me a long time to clean up the house. To be more specific; years. I got to a point that, I just have the doors open to the ones that are willing to share. The ones I have on my circle, almost all of them I have so much gratitude and respect for making possible to share with each other this special time. The impact they have in my life is that the positive ones give me the confidence and support to be myself and believe in my dreams and accept them the way they are. And for the negative ones, they also help me in a way that I do not want to be greedy, selfish like them.
  I believe is not easy but people can change for better with time. That's what I call evolution.
At the end (+).(-)= +

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