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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Paean by Jade da Rocha


O love!
I walked thru the valley of mysterious beauty...
Putting my feelings naturally through my fingers in a motion that only the heart could read it.
Could be a necessity that is aging in my heart ?
Afterward, every drop of passion colliding in my brain like a signal of hope.
Your broken vocal cords orchestrating music to my ears like a "paean".
Transporting me to a time and place where a integration of a peaceful;
tranquil river, like a pendulum rhythmically vibrating adjustable current.
O love!
Could be a poison that is boiling in my blood?
Sudden, the circulation rushing inside my veins...
One who's music float in the air ...
One who's feathered swifted wings elate in a horizontal direction with the peculiarity of a eagle.
One who's verses are engraved in my heart.
O love!
Could be the absence of completion in my heart?
Like a music composition with out beginning or end,
I continue on the road, like a star that travels from one pole to another and every stop feel like a unit pole.
One day, we will cross each other path again.
Then heavens... the land of dreams!
LoVe, LOvE, loVe, LOVE

Jade da Rocha

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