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Friday, June 8, 2012

Why me! -Jade da Rocha

Suddenly after months in silence he decided to sail toward her land, it was low tide when he arrived.    Although he was very engaging and careful; to her was a flake approach –just an excuse for a clean cut, an insatiable journey of collectible moments. She could not know if were fake or real. In that moment he was like a squid that lives in most oceans but rarely seen. The taste of doubt was rushing through her veins with insufficient evidence to seal his fate. In a stranger way it seemed to become irrelevant to her and she followed her intuition giving herself entirely to this fantasy that she could have chosen to never be part of it.

I saw this woman heart bleeding, overflowing love. I could hear the echo of her weak voice deafening silence thought the ferocious venues of life. It was if I witnessed an unpleasant alienation of a crying soul genuinely crashing in a life’s corner.

Why me? Why I have to cross her path at this late hour of this harshly yet, cold night in Deer Valley, Utah?

I was hoping she was looking to the opposite side of the valley.

I recollected no one other than me noticing her hurt feelings. Everyone else was sporadically transpiring the adrenaline rush of a Bloody Mary, mingling around the Garden of Fire; the smell of burning coal fusing with the snow-covered mountain.

But what impressed me was that no one could see the fear in her eyes. No one could sense her undeniable sorrow. Nobody had ever seen her again, no one cares. Why have to be me interpreting her pain?

Why me?

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