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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Daybreak by Jade da Rocha

As I gaze at the skies on a chilly early morning of January, 2012 from my backyard, I see the darkness of the daybreak as the clouds spreads rapidly for the warm rays of sunshine dazzling overpower the moment. I have never really looked at the brilliance behind the translucent color of the ethereal firmament in such intensive perception.
Immersed in an elusive contemplation I can hear the calm, bright water of the Atlantic reaching the shores blending with the bird’s silhouette singing sweet melodies; escaping the noise of the bridges that connect the Intracoastal and the Atlantic.
Overlooking the ocean’s waves dancing in slow motion from a hammock hanging among the palm trees, a sudden fresh air of the salty water invade the surrounds entering my nostrils in a smooth and refreshing way. The beauty of this image left me speechless, flouting out into nature.

Whether you’re enjoying a pleasant, calm environment or a less peaceful one; the mysteries life can bring most of the time sudden the conflicts and offers just enough inspiration to escape from the ordinary to an amazing experience.
The phone rings, breaking the silence. I glance at it hopping will stop .Wishing I could go back in time and had my phone turned off. Trapped with the needs of everyday life I go ahead. The moment I touch the screen, the birds singing echoes distant and a new connection begins in a forgotten corner of my window waiting for another inspiring fresh feeling, another day.

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