"O amor não envergonha, não rejeita. O amor incita a crescer, inovar, criar.
O amor transforma, aflora sentimentos nobres".


sexta-feira, 7 de março de 2008

Time and the Wind

And time unexpectedly slipped thru the hands
floating the infinite
Lost with dissonant waves...
Too much time!
I do not believe in time.
Now is eternal;
Thus, it is not the right time.
Comes the spring...
Comes the summer...
And the wind run toward other direction
Overflow throughout the darkness of the night
a transgression, searching for another season
And again, time strike...
Out of time.
Distance assumed as a point of departure.
Game - exposed
Cards - replaced.
Soul - frozen, transfigured...
Time is free, eternal.
Softly, serene/
Time disappear with the wind.

-Jade da Rocha

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